A world apart

Jonelle enjoys a sunny morning on the deck of the hut at the reserve, Mount Index in the background.

The Graydon Reserve is a tiny world along the Skykomish River at Index, Washington. The concept of a reserve was inspired by a visit to the Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island. There, we discovered the kinship between that landscape of dark fir and cedar forest rich in mosses, ferns and wildflowers and our own home on the western edge of the Cascade Mountains. “This looks like our backyard,” we said to each other. Our eight acres, a reserve in spirit if not in fact, begin at the river and rise hundreds of feet through woods and cliffy terrain with narrow whitewater streams and tiny waterfalls, the spires of Mount Index lording over it all. We hold the deed to this place, but can you ever really own such beauty? We offer this internet site as a way to share our love of the reserve and as an invitation to come enjoy it with us.

Don Graydon     Jonelle Kemmerling

P.O. Box 166
Index WA 98256