Bear with us

No, that’s not a tennis ball in the bear’s mouth. It’s a pear from our neighbor Warren’s tree. This black started roaming our neighborhood about October 15 and stayed for a week – an unheard-of length for a visit, and long enough for almost everyone within a mile of us to report raids on their garbage. Note the yellow tag in the bear’s ear – he’s been evicted from a residential area in the past and relocated away from people. The plan didn’t work.

Bear 2013 D

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One Response to Bear with us

  1. Anonymous says:

    No need to comment on This bear, as you know. However, I’ve seen 2 notices posted outside the Gen.Store-the First with pictures of a smaller bear; the second toDay when I went out after calling you folks. I…had not seen That notice before today, but haven’t been down there over the wk-end, & saw no Date on this notice…..hmmm? However, word around Town has it that there are/HAVE been TWO bears: Our precious Big one, & a smaller one at the other end of Town. As it’s turned colder now at night & there’s fresh snow on the foothills, I would expect this guy/gal or These guys/gals would be thinking about hibernating.

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