Yellow Submarine

You’re 27 years old, single, and not a care in the world. So what to do? Why, build a boat and sail around the world, of course. At least that’s the idea that my pal Bill Poulson and I came up with in the late 1960s. We actually built the boat, and we actually sailed it to Hawaii, but that’s where the sailing adventure ended and some new ones began.

This is a slide show of the 10 photos.
Below that are thumbnails you can click for a full-size picture and more info.

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One Response to Yellow Submarine

  1. Paul Graydon says:

    Love the pictures Don! Being as young as I was at the time when it was built I do have some memories of it’s construction and one of them is me crawling through one of the front window openings and you telling me, “You won’t be able to do that for much longer because the windows are getting put in next week”.

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